10 Initiatives Governments Need To Take To Control Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

afforestation, clean green energy, carbon tax,

INTRODUCTION Recently climate change is in action and it is showing its worst side in different forms across the countries. There are a number of solutions being presented everywhere around the globe but fewer actions have been actually taken to implement such strategies. The initiatives described below should be taken in no time because we […]

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Disastrous Environmental Impacts of Radioactive Waste

hazardous radioactive waste

Introduction Radioactive: Radioactive is a term that includes particle emission as a form of energy. Radioactivity: This term is defined as the emission of ionizing radiations from a radioactive substance. Ionizing Radiations: The ionizing radiations are electromagnetic waves that have the capability to ionize atoms. Radionuclide: It is an unstable atom that undergoes radioactive decay […]

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