Pakistan’s Climate Resilience: From Ignorance to Action

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperature and weather patterns on Earth, primarily attributed to human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas), deforestation, and industrial processes. These activities release greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide and methane) into the atmosphere, trapping heat and causing the Earth’s temperature to […]

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Climate Calendar Chaos: Adapting to the Unpredictable Patterns of Winter

The consistency of winter brings nostalgic warmth as we cuddle up by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa and look out at the snow-covered scenery. But in recent years, the highly unpredictable patterns of winter brought forth by climate change have completely turned upside down our seasonal expectations. The calendar, which used to […]

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Sustainable Green Living In Pakistan – Combat Climate Change


It is of no surprise to assert that Pakistan, one of the global South countries, is extremely vulnerable to the negative repercussions of climate change. This has been evident over the years with natural disasters afflicting extreme damage to the lives of people, property, and the overall economy of Pakistan. Most importantly, the floods of […]

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What is Climate Change Adaptation? – Importance and Methods

Introduction Climate change refers to the changes in the climatic conditions of planet Earth due to human activities. To know more about Climate Change, please read our article Climate change and its Causes and Effects. According to a definition by NASA climate change adaptation refers to adapting with the change in our climate that is […]

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Top Polluters and Climate Change Deniers a Danger for Neighbouring Countries

south Asian countries like Pakistan is suffering from neighbor countries like india

INTRODUCTION Let’s discuss a growing common issue and that is how Countries are affecting the environment of their neighboring countries by not doing anything about it and denying climate change. The hot issue of climate change is not limited to climate change strategies only. The actual question is what we can do about countries that […]

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We Can’t Afford To Ignore or Deny Climate Change Anymore

climate change is true believing it is the only solution

INTRODUCTION The world is going through two major global crises. First is Climate change because it is warned by scientists and experts for many years and the second is COVID-19. Now both are showing casualties. Check out: 10 Initiatives Governments Need To Take To Control Climate Change and Environmental Degradation WHY WE CAN’S AFFORD TO IGNORE […]

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10 Initiatives Governments Need To Take To Control Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

afforestation, clean green energy, carbon tax,

INTRODUCTION Recently climate change is in action and it is showing its worst side in different forms across the countries. There are a number of solutions being presented everywhere around the globe but fewer actions have been actually taken to implement such strategies. The initiatives described below should be taken in no time because we […]

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Climate Change Adaptation Methods and Mitigation Strategies

climate change

INTRODUCTION Climate change is showing its adverse impacts on the ecosystem of the Earth. Human-induced climate change is on its way to disable the functioning ecosystem. The current adverse impacts caused by climate change cannot be controlled but only preventive measures can be taken. Also check out: How Much Time Earth Has Before Climate Change Destroys […]

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