Top Polluters and Climate Change Deniers a Danger for Neighbouring Countries

south Asian countries like Pakistan is suffering from neighbor countries like india

INTRODUCTION Let’s discuss a growing common issue and that is how Countries are affecting the environment of their neighboring countries by not doing anything about it and denying climate change. The hot issue of climate change is not limited to climate change strategies only. The actual question is what we can do about countries that […]

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We Can’t Afford To Ignore or Deny Climate Change Anymore

climate change is true believing it is the only solution

INTRODUCTION The world is going through two major global crises. First is Climate change because it is warned by scientists and experts for many years and the second is COVID-19. Now both are showing casualties. Check out: 10 Initiatives Governments Need To Take To Control Climate Change and Environmental Degradation WHY WE CAN’S AFFORD TO IGNORE […]

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