Hunting and Poaching of Wildlife – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

hunting and poaching pose threat to wild life


Hunting: It is defined as the action of killing or capturing unique species of animals/wildlife.

Poaching: It is defined as the unlawful capturing or hunting of unique fauna. It has its roots connected with land use rights.

Wildlife: This term represents the unique and undomesticated species of animals. It includes all animals that live naturally in places not specifically introduced by humans.

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Wildlife is present all around the world and lives in its particular ecosystem. Hunting and poaching of wildlife is carried out by humans either for sports, recreation, or monetary values.


The environment of the Earth is being subjected to degradation due to human activities. The main causes of hunting and poaching of wildlife without any doubt include human actions.

1. Mafia Network: The key issue is the strong network of mafia that keeps criminals under control from all around the world. These criminals are involved in the illegal trade of wildlife.

2. Habitat Fragmentation: Human settlement is responsible for habitat fragmentation that leads to the displacement of wildlife and illegal activities associated with wildlife.

3. Exotic Food: Globally, people lust for exotic food that does not include traditional food but consists of weird wildlife food dishes. Bushmeat is a common “delicacy” around the globe.

4. Requirement for Body Parts: Hunting and poaching is often carried out for body parts of animals. People wear jewelry made of animal horns.

5. Medicine Use: In some parts of the world, wild animals are captured and exchanged because of their medicinal use.

6. Unregulated Laws and Regulations: One biggest cause of hunting and poaching of wildlife is unregulated laws and regulations. Even if laws are present, they are not being implemented strictly.

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The common effects of hunting and poaching of wildlife are mentioned below.

1. Biodiversity Loss: First and foremost effect of hunting and poaching of wildlife is biodiversity loss. Any human activity that causes annoyance to animals eventually leads to biodiversity loss.

2. Health Injuries: Wildlife suffers extreme pain due to health injuries caused by the action of hunting and poaching, even dies in some cases.

3. Extinction: Human activities are causing the extinction of animal species. The dodo bird is a supreme example of hunting that led to the extinction of the dodo.

4. Disturbed Ecosystem: Hunting and poaching of some species induce disturbances in the ecosystem. The wild plants may overgrow because the poached wildlife is no longer feeding on them.

5. Disturbances in Food Chain: The fewer number of animal species due to hunting and poaching cause disturbances in the global food chain.

6. Invasive Species: The absence of predators could result in the introduction of invasive species in a particular area.

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The solutions to hunting and poaching wildlife are mentioned below.

1. Public Awareness: People should be made aware of the consequences associated with hunting and poaching of wildlife and the importance of unique species.

2. Biodiversity Conservation: Wildlife can be protected from illegal activities by biodiversity conservation. Wildlife rehabilitation could also be a favorable solution.

3. Fund Allocation: The Government should allocate funds for wildlife conservation and protection and local people should be given responsibilities for wildlife protection.

4. Boycott Animal Products: The products made of animal body parts should be avoided. As an individual, you can play your role by boycotting such products.

5. Implementation of Laws and Regulation: There should be strict implementation of laws and regulations concerning illegal hunting and poaching of wildlife.

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An imbalance in the ecosystem not only shows effects on animals but also on humans and plants. The world must have learned from Pandemic COVID-19. The desire to consume exotic dishes might have led to another pandemic. We as humans must act to protect species from extinction. Human activities are destroying and degrading the ecosystem of the Earth. We are living in a “now and never” phase.

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