Wildlife Is Already Coping With Effects of Climate Change

animals and wildlife are exposed to climate change more than ever before

INTRODUCTION As the environment of the Earth is changing for years now, wildlife is also experiencing burnt of climate change. There are many species of animals and plants that have gone extinct due to human-induced climate change. Read more: Heatwaves Are Killing Off Sea Life In Billions – Destroying The Ecosystem WILDLIFE AND CLIMATE CHANGE […]

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Animal Abuse by Pakistani Social Media Celebrities

Wildlife is referred to/defined as “Undomesticated Animal Species”. Wild areas are referred to as inhabited regions of wildlife. So, wildlife and wild areas show a strong connection. We can say that wildlife inhabits wild areas where human intervention is harmful for the environment and should be prohibited. Also Check Out: Animal Abuse In Pakistan And […]

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International and National Environmental Organizations in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is an environmentally conscious country. The government of Pakistan has initiated several projects in order to tackle the impacts of climate change. The projects include the billion tree tsunami project, miyawaki urban forests, protected area management, bamboo production, etc. Pakistan has listed among the top 10 countries most affected by climate change. Climate […]

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Tundra and Alpine Ecosystem of Pakistan – Climatic Biome

unique wildlife exits in tundra and alpine biome

INTRODUCTION Tundra and Alpine: This biome includes extremely cold regions (usually covered in snow) that are present around the world without long woody trees due to high elevation. Tundra and Alpine Ecosystem: This ecosystem is usually found in the northern hemisphere. The biome receives scant rainfall. As the altitude increases the forest cover decreases. Characteristics […]

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GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Science – Applications and Advantages

GIS and Remote sensing application in Earth sciences

INTRODUCTION GIS: It stands for Geographic Information System. It is defined as a framework that works on the principles of data collection, management, and evaluation. It is a vast field of science related to geography that combines complex data structures. It evaluates the spatial position and assembles layers of informative data into images. For example, […]

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Conservation of Biodiversity – Importance and Methods

Conservation of Biodiversity

INTRODUCTION Biodiversity Conservation: It is defined as a particular way of protecting and managing biodiversity so as to get resources as a means to sustainable development. Read: Biodiversity Loss – Causes, Effects, and Solutions Objectives of Biodiversity Conservation: Conservation of biodiversity has three key objectives that are listed below. Its first objective is to protect […]

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