Animal Abuse by Pakistani Social Media Celebrities

Wildlife is referred to/defined as “Undomesticated Animal Species”. Wild areas are referred to as inhabited regions of wildlife. So, wildlife and wild areas show a strong connection. We can say that wildlife inhabits wild areas where human intervention is harmful for the environment and should be prohibited.

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Why did we start with the definition of wildlife and wild areas? The reason is to make the public aware of the basic concept of wildlife.

Wildlife of Pakistan is extremely diverse and beautiful and Pakistan even boasts many endemic species, but even through there have been efforts to conserve and protect the wildlife of Pakistan, those efforts have not been enough as illegal wildlife trade, hunting and poaching of wildlife and even wildlife abuse are still very prevalent problems in the country.

As everything is somehow related to social media nowadays, let’s discuss social media influencers and their obsession with using wildlife in their videos as a prop which totally fits the definition of wildlife abuse. The recent two very famous videos that got viral over the internet through TIKTOK application were especially disturbing. Yes! The very trending social media app.

TikToker influencers are those people who have gotten fame through their video content whatever it could be. Coming to the viral videos, the details are discussed below.


A video went viral of a famous TikToker in which a lion was used as a Birthday Party Prop. Can you imagine a chained lion among crazy humans enjoying loud music? There are also reports that the lion was sedated. If all this isn’t animal abuse then what is?


Another famous video that has raised serious concerns is showing a bear cub with a toy and a feeder. Later it was disclosed that the TikToker bought a wounded bear cub from poachers. She was not only using a wild bear cub as a prop but has also bought it from “poachers” giving benefit to that disgusting industry and helping it grow. Anyone can realise that it is a wrong thing to do.


Now after highlighting these two issues that went viral on social media, there is another a video in which animal abuse can be clearly seen. In that specific video, the guy is seen slapping a chained lion cub.

Based on these videos, we can conclude that Wildlife is experiencing trauma here and all these acts are nothing but clear TORTURE to WILDLIFE! The viewers are getting the wrong message from these videos and some might even think it funny or okay, especially the younger audience and this fact is really problematic. On the one hand, people might also want to own wildlife as pets and on the other hand, there is a possibility of more videos related to such content.

Watching these wildlife abuse videos makes it clear that there is definitely something wrong which needs attention What these influencers are trying to show the world? their eliteness? the fact that they are above the law which applies to the general public?

These so-called internet celebrities should realise that millions of people are watching their videos and they have a responsibility. What kind of message are they conveying to the followers? Are they trying to tell them it’s cool to bring wildlife as a prop to birthday parties? Or are they trying to give the message that it’s okay to buy wounded animals from poachers? That is a big shame. We need to discourage poachers. We must stop buying wildlife.

Although these recent videos are from Tiktok, animal abuse videos and photographs are shared on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Social media celebrities as well as general users sometimes upload videos and photos with content that falls under the category of animal abuse. Using animals as props or buying exotic or endangered animals or hunting animals just for social media content are all animal abuse. (Read: Exotic Pets And Their Impact On The Environment Of Pakistan) Many a time “cute” animal videos also fall under this category as in most of those videos animals are intentionally being annoyed or put into dangerous situations. Apart from these, sometimes really disturbing animal abuse videos and photos also find their way to social media in which animals are seen being tortured. Such videos such be immediately reported to the concerned authorities and the social media platform so that they get removed and the culprits get punished.

We as a community should take a pledge to speak up against animal abuse, wildlife hunting, and poaching, in order to save wildlife because animals have right too! Check out Illegal Wildlife Trade in Pakistan – Threat to Endangered Species.

There is an immense need for government intervention to stop these cruel acts against wildlife. The government should take legal actions against those people who misuse their fame or social media platform and share such condemnable videos and photos on the internet.

What we must understand is a man’s home is his castle but unarmed humans cannot compete with sloths of bears, a streak of tigers, and pride of lions. JUST KNOW THAT!

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