Pakistan Govt Should Tackle Animal Abuse and Neglect in Zoos

The condition of Zoo animals is getting deteriorated day by day.

INTRODUCTION We usually watch animal-related documentaries on television where photographers are discussing terms i.e animal husbandry, wildlife, etc, and often capture unique moments of animal life. Wildlife has its own unique essence in the ecosystem of the Earth that helps in sustaining the hierarchy of the food chain. Humans, animals, plants, and every small or […]

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Animal Abuse by Pakistani Social Media Celebrities

Wildlife is referred to/defined as “Undomesticated Animal Species”. Wild areas are referred to as inhabited regions of wildlife. So, wildlife and wild areas show a strong connection. We can say that wildlife inhabits wild areas where human intervention is harmful for the environment and should be prohibited. Also Check Out: Animal Abuse In Pakistan And […]

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Animal Abuse In Pakistan And What Can Be Done About It?


Humans are wisest creatures on the Earth and the same human is spreading destruction on the Earth that includes habitat fragmentation, deforestation, environmental pollution, etc. The earth is home to a diverse variety of living species where nonliving things are present as well. Animals have their adaptive locations where they live in harmony with a […]

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