Animal Abuse In Pakistan And What Can Be Done About It?


Humans are wisest creatures on the Earth and the same human is spreading destruction on the Earth that includes habitat fragmentation, deforestation, environmental pollution, etc. The earth is home to a diverse variety of living species where nonliving things are present as well. Animals have their adaptive locations where they live in harmony with a variety of living species. There are some species of animals that are used by humans for domestic purposes such as transportation, load carriage, etc.

How animals are being treated on the Earth is more or less a puzzle game. Some people show great affection towards animals. However, if we take a look around the world about animal cruelty, animal rights violation, and animal abuse, it is a complete shock that Asia is the region where animal abuse is extremely common. Asia region has a phenomenal variety of animal species some are endangered, endemic, and vulnerable to extinction. The reasons are human activities. The animals are captured, killed, sold, and more often used in exotic dishes. Read: Hunting and Poaching of Wildlife – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Unfortunately many cases of animals abuse in Pakistan are surfacing on the web and even though animal abuse is not too common in the country, there are enough cases to be ashamed and alarmed about. Various photos or videos get viral on social media, even news channels report about animal cruelty. People are making short videos about animal abuse and enjoying their nonsense behavior. It has become a trend to abuse animals to make “funny” videos to post on social media, while sometimes people actually make pretty sinister videos of them killing or torturing animals. It feels so disgusting while watching those videos based on animal cruelty. Apart from that donkeys pulling donkey-carts are often seen being treated especially badly by their owners. And in many cases pet owners don’t take proper care of their animals or don’t feed them enough as a result of which those pets die or lead miserable lives. In other cases we hear about city administrations cruelly killing off stray dogs in hundreds, or snakes and other “dangerous” animals being killed on sight as a “protective measure”. All these are different facets of animal abuse.

Increasing animal abuse in society highlights the unkind behavior of people towards mute animals. Maybe people are involved in animal cruelty with a mindset that these animals can’t fight back. Or the valid reason could be the absence of effective laws for animal protection. They will not be punished for their cruel acts against animals.

What is animal abuse actually?

Animal abuse and animal cruelty are similar terms. It can be described as killing, torturing, or injuring mute animals. It could include negligence or intentional harm.

Human Negligence can be described as not giving food, water, or shelter to domestic animals, and no medical facility despite the availability of veterinary doctors in the city.

Intentional harm can be described as shooting an animal for fun/sports, kicking and beating, burning, and the list goes on. You may like to read 10 Critically Endangered Animals That Can Go Extinct By 2050

Coming back to animal cruelty and the absence of animal laws, let’s discuss the outlines of the constitution that are reserved for animals in Pakistan.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1890) deals with the protection of animals in Pakistan. Just like other laws, this act is available in the constitution but practical implementation is missing. More surprisingly Pakistan is a part of the World Organisation on Animal Health worldwide known as Office International des Epizooties that ensures animal welfare criteria. The laws for animal protection in Pakistan need refreshed and strict legislation. There should be penalties, fines, and strict punishment for torturing speechless animals.

Pakistan is a developing country where the mode of transportation still includes animal carts. Donkeys, horses, and mules are general examples of domestic animals being used in Pakistan. The abusive acts are not limited to domestic animals only but pets suffer from animal cruelty too. Exotic animals are brought here and kept in isolation. Animals in Pakistani zoos are not living in good conditions. Check out: Exotic Pets And Their Impact On The Environment Of Pakistan.

Videos being circulated on social media about animal abuse indicate the critical need of implementing strict laws for animal protection. We need a dedicated government that acts vigilantly against animal abusers. The Government of Pakistan should prepare and implement a national policy for animal welfare and establish national animal protection institutions with active members across the country.

People must be made aware of animal welfare through education. Children should be taught about animal rights. Our religion doesn’t allow animal cruelty. We as a community should take a firm stand against animal abuse and report animal cruelty to respective organizations.  There are organizations that work for animal welfare and animal rescue.

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