Earth Hour 2023: All You Need To Know – Date And Theme

What is meant by ‘Earth Hour’? When is it being observed in 2023?

Earth Hour is an initiative started by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) since the year 2007.

Earth Hour is a world wide movement that devotes an hour for our planet Earth and is observed every year on the last Saturday of March.

2023 Date:

In 2023, it is going to fall on the 25th of March at 8.30 pm local time. The Earth hour lasts for exactly 60 minutes i.e. from 8.30- 9.30 pm.

What is it all about and What is its Importance?

Earth Hour was started as a way for individuals, communities and people worldwide to show appreciation for the planet collectively on the same day by switching off all extra lights and energy consuming/powered appliances and vehicles.

The concept behind this initiative is quite simple and wholesome- to show care and appreciation for the planet that is being polluted, exploited and mismanaged everyday since a very long time. The purpose of this special hour devoted to this cause is not merely switching off your lights and feeling better about yourselves, but to reflect and consider what eco-friendly choices you can make actively on a daily basis. So that these important choices affect the environment positively long term.

It is basically something that can be considered as an annual wake up call for the governments, authorities, policy makers as well as individuals. It is for them to consider the impact of their everyday choices, ecological and or carbon footprint as well as how the energy and electricity we, as humans take for granted are causing harm to the planet since they are based off fossil fuels.

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What Difference does the Earth Hour make?

Turning the lights off for an hour globally can have not much impact nor it can make up for the yearly emissions; but it is the act on a collective scale that is done in solidarity and it may be a wake up call for many around the world.

It motivates people to adopt positive and environmentally healthy habits that extend beyond that one hour. It has even proven to be a major catalyst for many to adopt eco-friendly, sustainable activities and improve their lifestyles by cutting out things or activities that harm the planet. Such as, adopting public transport instead of private transport/vehicles and etc.

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What is the Theme of Earth Hour 2023?

In 2023, the theme of the Earth Hour is to ”Invest on Our Planet”.

It is going to be slightly different although it will definitely have the ”Lights Off”’ hour but contrary to the previous years, this time people across the globe are encouraged to do something positive for the Earth while the lights are off. This is so that this hour becomes a powerful act of positivity and change for the earth.

What activities can one contribute?

Instead of just sitting with the lights off at home, people are urged to do something that helps the Earth such as cleaning up your local parks, picking up trash or litter from the neighborhood, using public transport for a change if one usually uses a private vehicle, using sustainable ingredients to cook dinner or even doing something as as simple as gathering people or friends and raising awareness about the environment and why we need to care for Earth.

This is done all in an effort to make it the biggest and most impactful hour of the year for Earth, during which majority of the people are encouraged to do something that benefits the planet instead of harming it further. It aims to motivate people and authorities to look beyond and take major legislative actions that benefit the environment by making changes in the policies worldwide.

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The Significance of Taking Action During Earth Hour:

We are a generation facing the consequences of Industrialization and have suffered through quite a few disasters as a result. However, we are also lucky enough to have all the necessary solutions we require for the reversal of climate change/ global warming.

The only thing stopping us from actually doing something about it is getting together and planning for action. The Earth Hour signifies a moment, an hour of unity and hope where we demonstrate the power of collective action and that if we want to solve the problem of climate change, it is entirely possible if everyone comes together.

Earth Hour is all about making a positive change in not only our immediate environment on that specific day, but also the days to come that lead to a better and healthier planet.

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