Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime?

Ecocide should be legitimized as international crime

INTRODUCTION Ecocide and genocide are rhyming words. Isn’t it? The difference is genocide is a massive killing of people and considered an international crime while ecocide is massive destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem and it has not evaluated as an international crime yet. Also read: Third Pole Is Melting – Himalaya-HinduKush-Karakoram Glacier ECOCIDE Ecocide is […]

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What is Ecocide? Causes, Effects, and Solutions

destruction of the ecosystem

INTRODUCTION Anthropogenic activities are destroying the environment of the planet Earth. Check out:  Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime? ECOCIDE This term is defined as the degradation and deterioration of the environment by humans to such an extent that its consequences are leading to biodiversity decline and health problems among humans. This concept […]

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