Fading Footprints: A Tale of Survival Struggle


Pakistan’s unique wildlife faces significant threats, encompassing population decline, habitat loss, illegal hunting, poaching, and the illicit trade of wild animals. The survival battle of three iconic species that call Pakistan home warrants discussion. Check out: 10 Critically Endangered Animals That Can Go Extinct By 2050 1. SNOW LEOPARD The Snow Leopard, scientifically known as […]

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Unique Plant Species Diversity of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Common Flora Found In Gilgit-Baltistan And Its Surrounding Regions – Plant Biodiversity Of GB, Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan is an administrative province or territory of Pakistan that self-governs. It borders Azad Kashmir and was previously known as the Northern Areas. The geographic area of Gilgit Baltistan is 6 times bigger than that of Azad Kashmir. The […]

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Measurement of Species Biodiversity – Methods and Techniques

What Is Biodiversity? Biodiversity is everywhere around us. It is the variety of all forms of life surrounding us including flora, fauna and tiny microorganism that interact with the biotic and abiotic components of the environment. Each animal species is diverse within its own family from which it has evolved and so is every plant, […]

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Biodiversity Management Methods, Techniques And Importance

What is Meant by Biodiversity? Biodiversity simply means the vast variety of life present on Earth. It includes plants, animals and microorganisms. All the diverse forms of flora and fauna that exist on our planet are collectively referred to as Earth’s Biodiversity. Also check out: What is a Habitat? Types of Habitat and Their Biodiversity […]

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By: Dr. Khalid Farooq Akbar and Syeda Khola Tazeen Corresponding Author: kakbar5813@gmail.com Nature is the art of God. – Dante Introduction The ever-growing tsunami of human development including infrastructure expansion, urbanization, deforestation and industrialization has changed natural landscapes and is ravaging pristine wild areas. With advances in engineering and technology, there is no place left on […]

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What is a Habitat? Types of Habitats and Their Biodiversity

WHAT IS A HABITATA? A habitat is described as a natural environment where a particular population or specific species typically resides. In addition to biotic factors like the availability of food and the presence of predators, a habitat also includes physical elements like soil, moisture, temperature range, and light availability. SIGNIFICANCE OF HABITAT: Habitat is […]

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International and National Environmental Organizations in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is an environmentally conscious country. The government of Pakistan has initiated several projects in order to tackle the impacts of climate change. The projects include the billion tree tsunami project, miyawaki urban forests, protected area management, bamboo production, etc. Pakistan has listed among the top 10 countries most affected by climate change. Climate […]

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Biodiversity Conservation is Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures

Bees-pollination-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Ecosystem Restoration is incomplete without taking into account conservation of Biodiversity and prevention of the rampant biodiversity loss. Fighting against biodiversity loss is a huge part of trying to restore any Ecosystem, as each Ecosystem boasts a particular and unique kind of biodiversity which is especially adapted to that particular Ecosystem. The biodiversity of our […]

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Grassland and Shrubland Ecosystem of Pakistan – Climatic Biome

himalayan hindu kush regions have pastorals community.

INTRODUCTION Grasslands: It is defined as open lands that are continuously covered with broadleaf herbs, little woody vegetation, sedges, and grasses. Taller and woody vegetation is absent. Shrublands: It is defined as areas that are covered with dense but low height shrub vegetation like sedges, willow, dogwood, or tall grasses. Grassland and Shrubland Biome: This […]

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