What Is Agritech? – Importance and Methods of Agrotech


Agriculture technology, abbreviated as Agritech or Agrotech refers to the use of technology in agriculture to improve the productivity, yield and quality. The Agriculture sector has been improved due the advancement of technology; if we look at the history of Agriculture, the quality, yield and productivity was not that much as it is currently. It is due to the evolution in the Agricultural processes, techniques, and technology. The agriculture sector bears a great importance in every country as we are dependent on it for different products such as food.

The Agritech improves the input and output of agricultural processes. The Agritech has developed a lot in recent time and benefited us globally through tremendous progress in crops yields, plant and animal health, and farm productivity. Agriculture technologies include use of drones, weather forecasts, automated irrigation, and software for disease prediction and other technologies helping in increase of crops yield and disease control.

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The Agriculture technology is essential and its importance is discussed below:


The climate change is a global issue affecting every sector including agriculture. Due to climate change, the crops diseases has been increased as it favours the production of weeds and pests, the crops require a large amount of water, the conditions are dry and much more. The Agritech is playing a crucial role in tackling climate change by production of advanced crops that can adapt to the current environmental conditions.

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The plant growth requires favourable conditions for its growth and development such as sufficient water supply, sunlight etc. The Agritech promotes the plant growth by providing conditions and nutrients favourable for their growth and development and protects them from harsh conditions.


Due to climate change the conditions are dry with lack of water enough for the soil to be productive. The Agritech improves the soil conditions and increases the soil productivity by improving its fertility that is more favourable for plants production.

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As the Agriculture technology improves the conditions for maximum crops and plants production, and controls the diseases, and other impacts that reduces the crops production, As a result the agriculture yield increases.

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The Agritech has brought the advancement in the automated machinery and robotic which helps in increasing the efficiency of agricultural productions by locating the availability of nutrients precisely, checking for diseases and predicting them, and locating/identifying the produce. Due to this advancement, the time is not wasted as in manual methods.

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Different methods and techniques are used in Agriculture technology, latest ones are discussed below:


GIS-based agriculture has been beneficial to the farmers as the fields are location based. GIS-Based software helps in the prediction and changes in temperature, crops yield, precipitation, and so on. With the help of this software the farmers are able to know the problems with crops in specific area, which saves time, money and efforts.


The data derived though satellites is helpful in agriculture sector, as data shows the vegetation content, plant health, detection of nitrogen content and so on derived through different software that makes farming and agriculture easy and sustainable.


Drones are one of the best inventions of the current time. Drones are used in agriculture sector for different purposes such as defining plant height, the presence of weeds and water saturation. They can collect a huge amount of data in short period of time.

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The agriculture sector has been improved and developed with the evolution of the Agritech which is making it easy for farmers and community. The Agritech is helping the country’s economy too as countries are mainly dependent on agriculture sector.

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