Environmental Benefits of LED Technologies

LED lights

Introduction LED: Light-emitting diode LED: A light-emitting diode is a light source emitting light when current flows through the semiconductor. LED technology: Light-emitting diodes are solid-state devices. The technology directly transforms electric energy into single-color light. In LED cold light generation technique is employed. Energy is not wasted in LED technology. Advantages of LED Technology […]

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Top 10 Informative Environmental Books To Read

Environment comprises of everything that surrounds us, thus the subject of environment or environmental science is extremely vast – it literally includes everything that is in your surroundings: the land, the water, the air and everything in them and everything that effects them. Along with all this our environment is dynamic and is constantly being […]

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Why We All Should Move to Clean Renewable Energy

solar and wind power as renewable energy sources

During extreme weather conditions, blackout happens. The solar panel and batteries could serve efficiently. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are weather-dependent power sources. There is an increased demand for solar panel systems due to electricity shortfall incidents. What causes blackout? It happens because residents demand more electricity during hotter summer and colder […]

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Disastrous Environmental Impacts of Radioactive Waste

hazardous radioactive waste

Introduction Radioactive: Radioactive is a term that includes particle emission as a form of energy. Radioactivity: This term is defined as the emission of ionizing radiations from a radioactive substance. Ionizing Radiations: The ionizing radiations are electromagnetic waves that have the capability to ionize atoms. Radionuclide: It is an unstable atom that undergoes radioactive decay […]

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Can Rivers & Lakes be Saved from Environmental Degradation?

fish species are going extinct due to degradation of rivers and lakes

Environmental issues are degrading the freshwater ecosystem and fish species have become extinct Protected areas don’t protect rivers. Rivers should be protected first than land areas. The freshwater ecosystem provides habitat to 10% of all fish species including vertebrates. Millions of people have their livelihood associated with freshwater fish species that are vulnerable to extinction […]

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Marine Pollution – Its Risky Effects on Marine Life & Humans

marine pollution and its dangerous effects on human and marine life

Introduction Marine: This term includes anything related to sea or ocean. Marine Water: Marine water is salty water consisting of 97% of Earth’s water. Marine Pollution Marine pollution is defined as land pollutants being washed into the ocean. Land pollutants include the varied composition of trash, garbage, and chemicals being released into the ocean by […]

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SAPM Started Off 3 Interlinked Nature Parks in Chakwal

Special Assistant of Prime Minister on Climate Change started off three nature park

Malik Amin, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change started off three interlinked nature parks in Chakwal, Pakistan The three interlinked nature parks are covering an area of 18,000 acres in Ara, Parera, and Dil Jabba, Chakwal. This inauguration is part of projects launched by the Prime Minister specifically Protected Areas Initiatives. These […]

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