Nuclear Waste Production and Management in Pakistan

hazardous nuclear waste is problem for human and environment

Introduction Pakistan joined the list of nuclear power countries in May 1998 after testing an atomic bomb and became the first Muslim country with nuclear power. Pakistan has five operating nuclear power plants that are supervised under the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, the nuclear agency of the Government, and the scientists. Currently, Pakistan owns a […]

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Fish turn into Zombies by Antidepressants Fluoxetine

toxic effects of antidepressants on fish population

Recent news reported a shocking study related to fish that turned into zombies by antidepressants. Researchers used guppy fish for two-year-long experimental works and studied the results  Fluoxetine is a known antidepressant medicine also famous for Prozac. Environmental pollution by human activities is causing problems for marine life.   Recent news reported a shocking study […]

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COVID-19 Crisis Impacting Environmental Sustainability

climate change and corona virus impacting global sustainability of environment

The world is driven by Modern technology that is still developing and progressing for the betterment of human life. Climate change is bringing catastrophic events to human lives, disturbing all kinds of lives. Pandemic coronavirus is invasive species of viruses causing worldwide problems and increasing mortality rate. Social, economic, and public sectors are getting influenced […]

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Waste to Energy Plants Can Curb Pakistan’s Electricity Crisis

renewable energy source by waste to energy technique

Introduction Due to urban sprawl and increasing population, municipal solid waste is being produced in high quantity each day. This issue of waste requires proper handling and supervision. The accumulated waste often results in the outbreak of diseases. There are various municipal solid waste-related treatment methods; however, the specific ways that do not cause threats […]

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The Problems of Increasing Noise Pollution in Pakistan

hearing impairment due to noise pollution

Introduction Noise pollution is one kind of environmental pollutions and it is categorized as the most disturbing problem with significant negative effects. Any unwanted, undesired, or unpleasant, loud sound can be called noise if one remains exposed to it for a longer period of time. In accordance with the world health organization, a noise level […]

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Biomethane from MSW– A Case Study of Karachi Pakistan

anaerobic biodestion for waste to energy power generation

Published research reported a case study of Karachi related to the assessment of biomethane generation from municipal solid waste. Anaerobic biodigestion was carried out on fresh synthetic waste material. The study suggested the installation of biowaste digestion plants and reported the 21 % estimated reduction in an energy supply shortage. There would be no release […]

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