What Is Environmental-Consciousness And Why Is It Important?

What is ‘Eco-consciousness’? What does it mean?

Environmental consciousness, is also known as eco-consciousness or environmental awareness.
It is a term used for activities or steps taken by keeping the environment in mind. Whether it means learning about the environment and various factors affecting it, educating masses and raising awareness.

Not only just being mindful, it also entails that you would go out of your way to take steps that would benefit the environment.

It may involve consciously taking decisions different from your previous ones just so that it minimizes the negative impact on the environment. This may include taking care of your neighborhood by not littering and cleaning up after yourself wherever you go to set a precedent for others. Eco-friendly alternatives to products and technologies can also be used to encourage everyone else to adapt this mentality.

Why Should Everyone Be More Environmentally Conscious?

The answer to this should be a no-brainer since environment is connected to each and everything. The need for everyone to take proactive measures for Environmental protection is because of the fact that all of us are going to be invariably effected by any phenomenon that occurs in it. There is no escape from this planet and there is no one who is an exception from caring for the environment.

It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that their immediate surroundings and their own personal actions are not detrimental to the overall welfare and well being of society.

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Importance and Benefits of Environmental Consciousness:

It’s importance can be highlighted by the fact thy without conscious effort and acknowledging the problems associated with the environment we cannot take steps to improve our living conditions long term. As our environmental quality deteriorates so does our ability to live on Earth. Diseases, mutagens, pathogens and so many other problems and disasters will wreak havoc if we let our environment deteriorate further. Hence, when it comes to environmental matters having a conscience is crucial.
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There are no downsides to protecting and conserving our environment therefore everyone should be conscious of doing good by our environment.

1.Environmental consciousness means that we minimize our carbon footprint. Whether it means use of public transport over private ones, not using plastic bottles, carrying glass bottles or other sustainable bottles with you so that you don’t have to buy plastic ones etc. These things, no matter how small show that conscious efforts are being made to care for the environment
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2. Opting for solar power or other renewable sources instead of grid electricity is another way of being environmentally conscious. It also benefits the environment obviously as it greatly reduces the emissions generated from traditional electricity production.

3. Ultimately it helps combat climate change on a global scale but also on a local one. Improved air quality, water quality and prevents land pollution. This collective effort to be environmentally conscious can result in an overall social welfare as well as lead to sustainable development.

4. Realize that human beings are not the only living creatures inhabiting the earth. That this planet is also home to a vast array of flora, fauna and other microbial biodiversity that will be and is being effected by our actions. The environmental deterioration caused due to anthropogenic activities has lead to habitat destruction, species extinctions, changes in their life cycles and breeding/migrations patterns etc. Conserving these wildlife, preserving their habitats and providing them with a better environment to live in is our responsibility.
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5. Protecting the environment will give an individual a sense of security and accomplishment. The negative news about the environment generally leads to eco-anxiety and other psychological stress conditions due to the overwhelming facts and figures about the climate change scenarios. The realization that no one actually seems to be doing anything substantial to curb its effects and the inability to do much on a bigger scale causes one to panic. However, if each individual strives to take steps; no matter how big or small, it will not only benefit the environment in time but also give them a better sense of self and improved mental well-being.

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Thus, for a sustainable future where the looming threat of climate change disasters is reduced and a healthy environment we need to be environmentally conscious of our actions and use of natural resources. Caring for the environment encompasses all things like striving to attain eco-cities, sustainable development, mindful consumption, wildlife conservation and protection, biodiversity conservation and so on.

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