Weather Impacts Number of COVID-19 Cases In Pakistan – Research

increasing temperature has resulted in rising COVID-19 cases in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION The start of the pandemic COVID-19 created panic all around the world. Due to imposed lockdown, people blindly bought essential food items and other necessary things that resulted in increased demand for commodities. Everyone was unaware of the future situation because the number of COVID-19 cases was rising at great speed. The number of […]

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Eating Fish From Chenab River Pakistan Can Be Deadly For You

trace metals are found in Chenab River

INTRODUCTION People that live nearby the water body usually depend on fish species for livelihood and food sources. But nowadays, urban and fertilizers runoff, industrial effluents, etc are being discharged into water bodies. These activities are polluting the water, degrading drinking water quality as well as causing problems for species inhabiting the freshwater body. WHAT […]

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Climate Change Threatens Health and Livelihoods of Pakistanis

minorities are at more risk of climate change in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION With limited resources utilization, Pakistan is standing firmly in dealing with the negative impacts of climate change. Truthfully, there is no other option left for Pakistan except to adopt climate change strategies. The country is contributing less than one percent to global greenhouse gases emissions but is one of the most affected country due […]

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Climate Change Threatening Survival of Pakistani Children – UNICEF Report

Children are most vulnerable to climate crisis

Pakistan is securing number 8th in most affected countries by climate change UNICEF reported that Children in Pakistan are most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. Pakistan is at number 14th on the Children’s Climate Risk Index where children are at high risk to experience impacts of climate change. The Government of Pakistan is […]

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Pakistan 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Impact – Before and After Pictures

billion tree afforestation project

INTRODUCTION 10 billion tree tsunami project has received worldwide appreciation. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is actively launching environmentally friendly projects that would help in mitigating the impacts of climate change. Check out 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project appreciated by UNEP Executive Director 10 BILLION TREE TSUNAMI PROJECT After winning the general elections of 2018, […]

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What’s Biomanipulation? Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages

biomanipulation improves water quality of lakes

INTRODUCTION Biomanipulation is often regarded as Eco-partitioning. BIOMANIPULATION This term is defined as the human practice of altering an ecosystem by introducing or eliminating certain species. Biomanipulation is generally described as engineering technology. Check out Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of Toxic Chemicals BIOMANIPULATION BIOLOGY Biomanipulation biology is further explained as a management practice adopted by humans […]

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Impact of Corona virus Pandemic on the Environment of Pakistan

corona virus lockdown improved air quality in major cities of Pakistan

The latest research summarized the impacts of the corona virus pandemic on the environment of Pakistan. Globally, WHO declared the corona virus as a pandemic disease, the corona virus spread across more than 215 countries. Where it caused massive deaths and socioeconomic deadlock, surprisingly the air quality was improved. Major Cities of Pakistan had a […]

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Antibiotics Found In Wastewater in Twin Cities

antibiotic resistant bacteria

Recent Research Publication has reported about the presence of antibiotics in wastewater in the Twin Cities of Pakistan. Five different antibiotics were detected, determined, and analyzed from wastewater samples collected from various sources. The methodology of the study included the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography technique for result evaluation. The contaminated wastewater with various concentrations of antibiotics […]

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