Now Water Pollution Can Be Cleaned Up Using Sunlight

water pollution by chemical toxins

INTRODUCTION Water pollution is a serious environmental issue because water scarcity might become a universal matter of discord. Contaminants, toxins, and impurities that are either man-made or natural eventually find their place in water. The reason could be given that water covers 97% of the globe. 3% of water comes under freshwater including glaciers, ice […]

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Sources and Effects of Common Water Pollutants

land pollution affects soil biota

INTRODUCTION Water Pollutant: Any contaminant that degrades the quality of drinking water is a water pollutant. TYPES OF WATER POLLUTANTS: There are different types of water pollution depending upon the particular source. There are various categories of water pollutants that are listed below. 1.Thermal Pollution – This is due to the release of the coolant- […]

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