10 Environmental Pollution Quotes Wallpaper Pictures


Environmental degradation due to Air pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution and even Noise pollution is a huge issue and we can’t spread enough awareness about it. Many people still don’t realise the severity of harmful affects of inhaling polluted air or drinking polluted water. It is a fact that air pollutants and water pollutants are […]

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Top 15 Countries with Worst Environmental Degradation

developing countries are mostly listed among less EPI score

Environmental Degradation It is defined as the degradation of the Earth’s environment through anthropogenic activities. Natural catastrophic events are also responsible for environmental degradation but their contribution is far less than as compared to human activities. The environment of the Earth is degraded by over-exploitation of natural reserves, habitat fragmentation, biodiversity loss, environmental issues such […]

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Can Rivers & Lakes be Saved from Environmental Degradation?

fish species are going extinct due to degradation of rivers and lakes

Environmental issues are degrading the freshwater ecosystem and fish species have become extinct Protected areas don’t protect rivers. Rivers should be protected first than land areas. The freshwater ecosystem provides habitat to 10% of all fish species including vertebrates. Millions of people have their livelihood associated with freshwater fish species that are vulnerable to extinction […]

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Marine Pollution – Its Risky Effects on Marine Life & Humans

marine pollution and its dangerous effects on human and marine life

Introduction Marine: This term includes anything related to sea or ocean. Marine Water: Marine water is salty water consisting of 97% of Earth’s water. Marine Pollution Marine pollution is defined as land pollutants being washed into the ocean. Land pollutants include the varied composition of trash, garbage, and chemicals being released into the ocean by […]

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15 Environmental Problems Our World is Facing Right now

air pollution, water pollution global warming urbanization

Introduction Environmental Issues: Environmental issue or problem is defined as adverse impacts of anthropogenic activities on the physical and biological aspects of the environment. Natural Environment: Natural environment is our surroundings that consist of naturally occurring all living and nonliving things. Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities on the Ecosystem: Human activities are negatively affecting the environment […]

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E-Waste and Its Impact on the Environment

e-waste accumulation cause environmental effects

Introduction E-waste is the term given to waste that is generated from electronics. It is the discarded waste of used digital devices or electrical items that can no longer serve technical functions. The current era is revolving around information technology-based systems and items. It’s almost impossible to go out anywhere without a cell phone. Currently, […]

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Top Companies Contributing to World’s Third Carbon Emission

saudi aramco, exxonmobil, top contributors to world's carbon emission into the air

A famous news source disclosed the top companies contributing to almost one-third of emitting greenhouse gases in the air. The researcher mentioned the heavy consumption of fossil fuels increasing the emission of greenhouse gases. The companies responsible for emissions are owned by national as well as private shareholders. The consequences of climate change are severe […]

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Water Crisis in Pakistan- Current and Future

Water supply shortage in Pakistan and the consequences

Introduction Currently, Pakistan is known as the water-stressed country that would soon take the title of the water-scarce country in the near future unless strong water conservation strategies and management plans are implemented. In 2018, it was stated in an international report that, by 2025 Pakistan would become a water-scarce country due to depleted water […]

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