10 Major Environmental Disasters In The World

Environmental Disasters – What is meant by it? Environmental Disaster classifies anything that is due to the human activity that results in a great harm to the environment whose effects can be felt long after it has happened. These environmental disasters are usually accidental and are generally of the catastrophic scale. They differ from natural […]

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What Are Common Indoor Air Pollutants? – Types And Sources

What is meant by ‘Indoor Air Pollutants”? Air pollutants are basically those substances that can affect the quality of the indoor air in a negative manner. This includes the air inside houses, closed spaces like residential apartments, commercial and administrative buildings, offices etc. Indoor air pollutants are harmful for the human health. For more information, […]

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Pakistan’s Living Indus Initiative And Its Importance


If Indus were to speak, it would say, ‘I want to live again.’ – Sherry Rehman, Federal minister for climate change. Living Indus is an umbrella initiative consisting of various existing and new projects to address the triple planetary crisis, including Climate change, Biodiversity, and Pollution. It aims at climate-resilient reconstruction, in and around River […]

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Plastic Crisis: An Emerging Threat to Mountain Ecosystem

Not just in Pakistan, but everywhere in the world, plastic pollution has grown to be a terrible issue. The increased usage of plastic has exacerbated existing environmental issues and has a catastrophic impact on both marine and terrestrial species. Due to its widespread production and distinctive qualities, plastic’s use significantly rose after 1965, becoming a […]

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Environmental Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution in Pakistan

heavy metal pollution in Pakistan is causing groundwater pollution

INTRODUCTION Heavy metals are trace elements that are naturally present in the Earth’s crust. Exposure to heavy metals is lethal depends on the concentration level of these pollutants. These high-density elements are toxic in nature and can lead to cancer in humans. They are persistent and are not degraded or decayed in the environment that […]

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Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime?

Ecocide should be legitimized as international crime

INTRODUCTION Ecocide and genocide are rhyming words. Isn’t it? The difference is genocide is a massive killing of people and considered an international crime while ecocide is massive destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem and it has not evaluated as an international crime yet. Also read: Third Pole Is Melting – Himalaya-HinduKush-Karakoram Glacier ECOCIDE Ecocide is […]

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Makeup Industry and Its Negative Impacts on the Environment

cosmetic industry is causing air water and land pollution

INTRODUCTION The makeup industry is a huge business that makes billions of dollars annually and the news experts say this business will keep on rising. MAKEUP INDUSTRY The makeup industry is also highlighted as the cosmetic industry. It includes all products related to cosmetics. The makeup industry is defined as an industry that makes cosmetic […]

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