Fossil Fuels are Killing Us – According to Latest Harvard Study

fossil fuel such as coal fired plants release killer pollutants

The latest research found that pollution from fossil fuel combustion could be responsible for one-fifth of all deaths during 2018. Asthma, cardiac and pulmonary diseases are caused by long-term exposure to fine particulate matter 2.5. The dangerous level of air pollution due to fossil fuel combustion clearly shows the importance and need for clean renewable […]

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Top 15 Countries with Highest Percentage of Food Waste

top 15 food wasting countries

United Nations has issued a report stating that almost half of vegetables and fruits are being wasted in the world. Climate change and urbanization are severely affecting productive soils all around the world. More than 800 million people in the world are malnourished. Food waste is organic waste that contributes to global warming. Also read: […]

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