Effect of Climate Change On Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan

gilgit baltistan, hunza, gojal, passu cones

Introduction Climate change effects all areas of Pakistan, however some areas are more seriously effected than others. One such area is Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit Baltistan has some of the highest peaks in the world and a huge number of glaciers- which are melting and receding due to Climate change. Therefore the effects of climate change are […]

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Effects of Climate Change on Balochistan Province of Pakistan


Introduction Balochistan province of Pakistan is already facing many environmental issues and on top of everything Climate change is added further pressures on already stressed environmental conditions. Climate change is a huge issue in Pakistan, so kindly read Climate change and its Causes and Effects and for further info regarding effects of Climate change on […]

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These 11 Countries Risk Instability Due To Climate Change

Introduction The 11 countries that could face major instability due to the climate change include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Colombia, Guatemala, North Korea, Nicaragua and India. This has been reported in the first of its type published report by the National Intelligence Estimate on Climate Change Report. This can lead to the decrease […]

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What is Climate Change Adaptation? – Importance and Methods

Introduction Climate change refers to the changes in the climatic conditions of planet Earth due to human activities. To know more about Climate Change, please read our article Climate change and its Causes and Effects. According to a definition by NASA climate change adaptation refers to adapting with the change in our climate that is […]

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Wildlife Is Already Coping With Effects of Climate Change

animals and wildlife are exposed to climate change more than ever before

INTRODUCTION As the environment of the Earth is changing for years now, wildlife is also experiencing burnt of climate change. There are many species of animals and plants that have gone extinct due to human-induced climate change. Read more: Heatwaves Are Killing Off Sea Life In Billions – Destroying The Ecosystem WILDLIFE AND CLIMATE CHANGE […]

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Climate Change Impacts Human Health – Pandemics The Future?

climate change is affecting humans

INTRODUCTION Human-driven climate changes have played havoc on the residents of the Earth. Almost every month periods of extreme weather events are being observed around the globe. The current situation of the Earth is deliberately asking for strong actions but only formal conferences are held by developed countries. You may like to read How COP26 […]

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Top 15 Countries Already Bearing the Brunt of Climate Change

Mayanmar, haiti, Pakistan, Madagascar are among most affected countries by climate change.

Climate Change: It is defined as long-term changes in the average climatic/weather conditions of the Earth’s environment. Anthropogenic activities such as fossil fuel combustion release greenhouse gases leading to global warming-induced climate changes in the average weather patterns of the Earth. Check out this list of These 11 Countries Risk Instability Due To Climate Change. Global […]

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