Increasing Natural Disasters due to Climate Change

climate change is causing increased natural disasters

Introduction Natural Disaster: It is defined as naturally extreme events with adverse impacts occurring due to the natural processes of the Earth. Examples of natural disasters are hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami floods, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, etc. Other than natural processes of the Earth, human activities are also responsible for triggering natural disasters such as storms, wildfires, […]

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Top 10 Informative Environmental Books To Read

Environment comprises of everything that surrounds us, thus the subject of environment or environmental science is extremely vast – it literally includes everything that is in your surroundings: the land, the water, the air and everything in them and everything that effects them. Along with all this our environment is dynamic and is constantly being […]

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15 Environmental Problems Our World is Facing Right now

air pollution, water pollution global warming urbanization

Introduction Environmental Issues: Environmental issue or problem is defined as adverse impacts of anthropogenic activities on the physical and biological aspects of the environment. Natural Environment: Natural environment is our surroundings that consist of naturally occurring all living and nonliving things. Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities on the Ecosystem: Human activities are negatively affecting the environment […]

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Top 15 Countries with Highest Percentage of Food Waste

top 15 food wasting countries

United Nations has issued a report stating that almost half of vegetables and fruits are being wasted in the world. Climate change and urbanization are severely affecting productive soils all around the world. More than 800 million people in the world are malnourished. Food waste is organic waste that contributes to global warming. Also read: […]

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Endangered and Critically Endangered Animals of Pakistan

Continuing with our list of endangered animals found in Pakistan here is another post highlighting the endangered and critically endangered animals of Pakistan. Pakistan is home to a plethora of different plant and animal species, however many of those plants and animals are endangered or even critically endangered and at a risk of extinction from […]

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Pakistani Local Fishes and their Health Benefits

fish population and healthy diet

Introduction The country of Pakistan has beautiful topography and blessed with a wide variety of biodiversity. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan are the main provinces of Pakistan that have notable diversity of fish species. Along with this, almost all provinces of Pakistan have endemic fish species. The availability of fish species depends on the water […]

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