Animals in Danger of Extinction in Future in Pakistan – List

Introduction: Biodiversity in Pakistan Like many other parts of the world, Pakistan is also endowed with a huge variety of flora and fauna. They range everywhere from the arid deserts of Thar and Cholistan to the cooler northern mountainous regions of Hunza. Many of them are also critically endangered and efforts are needed for their […]

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Effects of Climate Change on Sindh Province of Pakistan

effect of climate change on Sindh Pakistan

Introduction Climate change and its effects can be seen around the world with its influence on water industry, our biodiversity and forests. It also has impacts on our health and socio-economic conditions. A report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that the under developed and poorly developed nations are more on the […]

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Australia and Its Environmental and Climate Crisis

mass species extinction due to climate crisis in Australia

Ten years ago, the Australian report highlighted the actions the Government must take to prevent biodiversity loss. The imperiled species in Australia indicated that nearly 1807 species have been listed as threatened with extinction. Experts have recommended the rigorous implementation of National Environmental Standards. The Government of Australia must act now to protect species from […]

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