Endangered and Critically Endangered Animals of Pakistan

Continuing with our list of endangered animals found in Pakistan here is another post highlighting the endangered and critically endangered animals of Pakistan. Pakistan is home to a plethora of different plant and animal species, however many of those plants and animals are endangered or even critically endangered and at a risk of extinction from […]

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Kasur Tanneries and Their Impact on the Environment

effluents contain toxic compounds from tanneries

Introduction Kasur is located in Punjab, Pakistan and it is considered a potential hub of the leather industry. The leather sector of Pakistan holds great economic importance. The tanning industry is a vital earning source for Pakistan through the foreign exchange of leather goods such as boots, jackets, sports material, handbags, and other products. These […]

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Medical waste in Pakistan and Its Management

hazardous, infectious, radioactive and general medical waste

Introduction Medical waste is also known as biomedical waste or hospital waste. This type of waste consists of infectious and non-infectious material and it is either solid waste or liquid waste. Medical waste is different from general household waste unless it contains human blood, infected syringes, contaminated gloves, etc. Also check out: Improper Management of […]

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Occupational Health and Safety Conditions in Pakistan

OSH occupational health and safety

Introduction International Labor Organization along with World Health Organization has defined Occupational Safety and Health as a discipline that encompasses all characteristic points of safety and health at the workplace. It intends to prevent occupational hazards. This discipline focuses on the absolute physical, social, and mental well-being of the workforce at the workplace. Also read: […]

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Coast of Pakistan and its Environmental Issues

hingol one of coastal areas of Pakistan Baluchistan

Introduction Coast:  This term is also famous as seashore or coastline. The coast is the borderline between dry land area and water bodies. More specifically where the land area joins sea, ocean, Lake, etc is the coastline. The coastlines are covering an area of 620,000 kilometers on Earth. Coastal Ecosystem: Coastal ecosystem encompasses coral reefs, […]

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Food Security and Climate Change in Pakistan

Pakistan a food insecure country

Introduction Food Security According to the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, food security is the accessibility and availability of healthy nutrient-rich food to all people at any time with which they can fulfill their hunger and go through their day-to-day routine. Food security is further described as the availability, access, utilization, and stability of […]

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Deforestation in Pakistan and Recent Afforestation Drives

deforestaion by natural calamities and human activities

Introduction Forestry: it is the field of science that includes a series of processes such as producing, protecting, conserving, utilizing, and managing woodlands and forests. It also includes repairing the forests for sustainable functions of the environment and ecosystems.  In forestry, trees are grown on a large scale preserving the land only for the forest […]

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