Marine Pollution – Its Risky Effects on Marine Life & Humans

marine pollution and its dangerous effects on human and marine life

Introduction Marine: This term includes anything related to sea or ocean. Marine Water: Marine water is salty water consisting of 97% of Earth’s water. Marine Pollution Marine pollution is defined as land pollutants being washed into the ocean. Land pollutants include the varied composition of trash, garbage, and chemicals being released into the ocean by […]

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SAPM Started Off 3 Interlinked Nature Parks in Chakwal

Special Assistant of Prime Minister on Climate Change started off three nature park

Malik Amin, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change started off three interlinked nature parks in Chakwal, Pakistan The three interlinked nature parks are covering an area of 18,000 acres in Ara, Parera, and Dil Jabba, Chakwal. This inauguration is part of projects launched by the Prime Minister specifically Protected Areas Initiatives. These […]

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Climate Change and Himalayan Glacier Hazard

himalayan glacier retreat will cause damage resulting in floods

In Himalayas glacial lakes are filling up all due to glaciers retreat and this issue has not received any attention yet. Himalayan glaciers retreat would cause severe damage in the area and human settlement will be more vulnerable to its threat. Himalayan mountains and glaciers retreat driven by Climate change are prone to Earthquakes. The […]

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The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Pakistan

drought less yields extreme weather events

Introduction The underdeveloped nations are facing the consequences of climate changes due to two reasons, which are resource scarcity and unsustainable adaptive capacity. Pakistan is also a developing nation and so it is experiencing impacts of climate change at every level. Extreme weather events are occurring in Pakistan frequently now. Pakistan is an agricultural country […]

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