Monsoon Rains In Pakistan – Advantages and Disadvantages


Monsoon is considered to be a planetary scale phenomenon which involves seasonal reversing winds along with rainfall. The process can be understood by the concept of large scale sea breeze and land breeze formation. As we know that heat capacities of land (soil, rocks, and stones) are less than water, therefore air above it will expand and rise up. This creates a void for moist air from the oceans which tries to fill it. And when this moist air is still over the land, it cools down and the moisture is lost by the air. This cause heavy rains on the land.

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In Pakistan, this season (known as Indian monsoon because the warm moist air blows from Indian Ocean towards the region of south East Asia) tentatively starts in July and comes to an end in the August. It is considered to be a natural source of water coming towards land as a blessing. This rain water fills up the rivers and streams which can be used for irrigation purpose. And think for a second please, if we have plenty of water to irrigate our lands, we can improve our production in agriculture and expand our exports. This will help us grow economically better if we use this strategy with dedication and honesty. One more positive thing about this blessing is the availability of agricultural products to common person at affordable rates.

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On the flipside, there are some issues which pop-up due to this season and its rain. On the top notch, Flood (an unpleasant and unusual flow of water) is a by-product of the monsoon precipitation. These rains are so heavy sometimes and may cause damage to the property. Floods are caused by various reasons such as blockages of sewerage drains. The lack of awareness among the peers is also a main reason of this kind of disaster. People should avoid putting their unprocessed waste in the sewerage drains. The big city of Pakistan Karachi is facing such disaster these days (for more info:Karachi Monsoon Urban Flash Flooding – Causes and Impacts). It has been reported that a thirty minute monsoon rain filled the plain roads with dirty and unbearable water. This issue is so massive. It has led all the concerned parties towards a dead end where they are unable to come up with a solution to this problem. Efforts to manage this issue should be undertaken by both government and individuals (for more info:How To Prevent Hazardous Monsoon Season Flooding in Pakistan). Many innocent people have lost their lives in this disaster. And most of the people will relate to an unpleasant sensation they experience in this season which is extreme humidity. It is the amount of water vapors in the air. In this season, the java plums fall off the trees continuously and get damaged. And if they are left unattended there on the ground, they create a very unpleasant smell. This is another issue posed by monsoon season.

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Rains are a blessing as they bring freshwater. However, they can sometimes pose some issues for humans if not managed properly. We must be well aware about how to act and live sensibly during monsoon season. Every season has a lesson for us – so we must learn from it.

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