Potential of Growing Recycling Business in Pakistan

reducing, reusing and recycling

Introduction Recycle is a term used for discarded products that can be reused or any used product that can be transformed into other useful products. There are many items being used and discarded in a routine life that can be undergone a recycling process. Recycling involves a number of processes such as collection, segregation, and […]

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Climate Change and Its Impact on Pakistan

climate change adversely impacting Pakistan

Geography of Pakistan Pakistan is located in South East Asia that covers 880,000 square kilometers of land area. The neighboring countries include China, India, Iran, and Afghanistan. The coastal areas of Pakistan are linked with the Arabian Sea. According to topography, the country has alpine regions, permafrost, temperate, tropical, and subtropical ecosystems. Climate of Pakistan […]

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E-Waste and Its Impact on the Environment

e-waste accumulation cause environmental effects

Introduction E-waste is the term given to waste that is generated from electronics. It is the discarded waste of used digital devices or electrical items that can no longer serve technical functions. The current era is revolving around information technology-based systems and items. It’s almost impossible to go out anywhere without a cell phone. Currently, […]

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Pollinator Decline of Bees – Causes, Effects and Solutions

bee as pollinator

INTRODUCTION: Pollination: To transfer pollen from an anther of an angiosperm (flowering plants) to a stigma of a flower for reproduction. Pollinator: An insect or animal that carries pollen from one flower to another. Pollinator Decline: The term pollinator decline refers to the reduction in amount of insect or animal pollinators in the ecosystem. This […]

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Top Companies Contributing to World’s Third Carbon Emission

saudi aramco, exxonmobil, top contributors to world's carbon emission into the air

A famous news source disclosed the top companies contributing to almost one-third of emitting greenhouse gases in the air. The researcher mentioned the heavy consumption of fossil fuels increasing the emission of greenhouse gases. The companies responsible for emissions are owned by national as well as private shareholders. The consequences of climate change are severe […]

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Water Crisis in Pakistan- Current and Future

Water supply shortage in Pakistan and the consequences

Introduction Currently, Pakistan is known as the water-stressed country that would soon take the title of the water-scarce country in the near future unless strong water conservation strategies and management plans are implemented. In 2018, it was stated in an international report that, by 2025 Pakistan would become a water-scarce country due to depleted water […]

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