Biodiversity Conservation is Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures

Bees-pollination-Importance-Biodiversity-Conservation-Ecosystem Restoration-Pictures-wallpaper-Environment

Ecosystem Restoration is incomplete without taking into account conservation of Biodiversity and prevention of the rampant biodiversity loss. Fighting against biodiversity loss is a huge part of trying to restore any Ecosystem, as each Ecosystem boasts a particular and unique kind of biodiversity which is especially adapted to that particular Ecosystem. The biodiversity of our […]

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Oil Spills – Causes, Effects, and Solution

marine oil spills kill biodiversity

INTRODUCTION Oil Spills: The accidental leakage/release of oil into the surrounding environment is known as oil spills. It is a form of environmental pollution. The release of petroleum hydrocarbons into the environment has environmental consequences. Oil spills occur in marine ecosystems such as oceans, coastlines, estuaries, etc. However, the incidents of oil spills happen on […]

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Conservation of Biodiversity – Importance and Methods

Conservation of Biodiversity

INTRODUCTION Biodiversity Conservation: It is defined as a particular way of protecting and managing biodiversity so as to get resources as a means to sustainable development. Read: Biodiversity Loss – Causes, Effects, and Solutions Objectives of Biodiversity Conservation: Conservation of biodiversity has three key objectives that are listed below. Its first objective is to protect […]

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Biodiversity Loss – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

biodiversity loss affects global food production

INTRODUCTION Biodiversity Loss: It is defined as a significant reduction in biodiversity that is present all around the world. It also includes complete disappearance/loss of biodiversity leading to extinction. The biodiversity loss can be further elaborated as a reduction in the variety of living beings that colonize various ecosystems on the Earth, their genetic variations, […]

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Bushfires and Their Dangerous Impacts on the Environment

bushfires, wildfires forest fires

Introduction Bushfire: It is defined as the fire that spreads quickly in a forest or scrub. It is a type of wildfire. Bushfire is the fire that ignites the areas of savannahs, grassland, scrublands, woodland, and bushland. Bushfires are characterized as uncontrollable and unpredictable fires. Causes of Bushfire Bushfire needs an ignition source, oxygen, and […]

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