Pakistani Vlogger Influencers and Their Low Quality Makeup Products

low qaulity make product


There is a weird ongoing trend that can be noticed on almost every social media platform especially Instagram and Youtube that famous female internet celebrities who when they get followers in millions do just one thing and that is “Hey guys I’m going to launch my new cosmetic product line here, it makes your skin smooth, glowing and fair, etc”. And then they shamelessly promote themselves..again and again and again, in every single video of theirs. And the saddest part is that their techniques and strategies work and people actually begin buying their products without even thinking about the quality of those products. So lets talk about that a little..

We are trying to raise awareness about the issue that has caught public attention. Some beauty vloggers have launched cosmetic products. Beauty Vloggers are people who post short videos regarding current trends, fashion, style, cosmetic products, etc. Uploading information about trendy styles and branded cosmetic products differs from launching a beauty product yourself. Which is in no means a wrong thing to do, anyone can launch any product line they want but at least it should be done in a proper and responsible manner.

Their products are not only extremely expensive (even more expensive than some of the best international brands) but there is a chance that they are of low quality too, as there are speculations that they get low quality makeup products imported from China and then just add their own logo to them. They themselves might not even be sure of the content of the products they so vehemently promote.

Furthermore, we don’t have access to quality evaluation of such products. We also have no information about their content or where they are being manufactured? There is the aforementioned possibility that the launched product by beauty vloggers may have been made in China. We all are smart enough to understand that many made in China products are not up-to-the-mark when it comes to quality.

Don’t we know that when any brand wants to get consumers, it uses social media influencers? So that the product they want to advertise gets the highest viewers. And these beauty vloggers get paid for lip servicing all the admiration for a certain product. Now, imagine the extent they go to promote their OWN products from which they earn millions.


The types of makeup they are launching might contain chemicals that have long-term negative effects on human health. Very common chemicals that can be found in cosmetic products are traces of heavy metals. Lead, zinc, and arsenic are few examples of heavy metals that could be present in low-quality cosmetic products.

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Using low-quality makeup products that have harmful chemicals and heavy metals in them could cause chronic diseases such as cancer, skin allergies, developmental and endocrine disorders, etc. Such products not only destroy your skin but can lead to the aforementioned life-threatening diseases. So knowing the contents of products you apply to your skin is extremely important.


The toxic chemicals in products pose serious threats to the environment. The thing which is harmful to the environment definitely has negative consequences on human health. It’s more like a cycle in the Earth’s ecosystem.

Let’s explain this cycle briefly. The cosmetic products may contain heavy metals. The water contaminated with cosmetic products would discharge in water bodies such as lakes, rivers, etc and the aquatic life will accumulate these toxic chemicals in their body. This process is known as bioaccumulation. Now, who feeds on aquatic life? Obviously, humans and other animals and this process will eventually become part of the food chain.


There should be regulations regarding the quality of cosmetic products in Pakistan. Cosmetic products are not something to play with as it can cost life-threatening diseases.

Makeup products should have checks and balances and shouldn’t be allowed to be sold like this without first checking them and approval by some laboratory or scientific body. People should also check about the product and must consider what they are buying.

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