These 11 Countries Risk Instability Due To Climate Change

Introduction The 11 countries that could face major instability due to the climate change include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Colombia, Guatemala, North Korea, Nicaragua and India. This has been reported in the first of its type published report by the National Intelligence Estimate on Climate Change Report. This can lead to the decrease […]

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Top 15 Countries Already Bearing the Brunt of Climate Change

Mayanmar, haiti, Pakistan, Madagascar are among most affected countries by climate change.

Climate Change: It is defined as long-term changes in the average climatic/weather conditions of the Earth’s environment. Anthropogenic activities such as fossil fuel combustion release greenhouse gases leading to global warming-induced climate changes in the average weather patterns of the Earth. Check out this list of These 11 Countries Risk Instability Due To Climate Change. Global […]

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