Anthropogenic Factors That Cause Species Decline

INTRODUCTION The planet Earth provides habitats for an enormous diversity of species. The species distribution system on the Earth can be explained in accordance with the ecozones. Each species inhabit a unique biogeographic realm of the Earth. Some species are categorized as terrestrial and some as aquatic. There are specific species that thrive in both […]

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Biodiversity Loss – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

biodiversity loss affects global food production

INTRODUCTION Biodiversity Loss: It is defined as a significant reduction in biodiversity that is present all around the world. It also includes complete disappearance/loss of biodiversity leading to extinction. The biodiversity loss can be further elaborated as a reduction in the variety of living beings that colonize various ecosystems on the Earth, their genetic variations, […]

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Endangered and Critically Endangered Animals of Pakistan

Continuing with our list of endangered animals found in Pakistan here is another post highlighting the endangered and critically endangered animals of Pakistan. Pakistan is home to a plethora of different plant and animal species, however many of those plants and animals are endangered or even critically endangered and at a risk of extinction from […]

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