Environmental Laws/Legislation in Pakistan and The Need for New Ones

Pakistan needs new environmental laws/legislation

INTRODUCTION Environmental Law: Environmental law is a vast field that encompasses regulations, directives, policies, principles, and laws that are specifically designed and implemented by international, national, and local authoritative entities. The term is defined as laws that are formulated by humans in order to protect and regulate the environment from environmental degradation caused by human […]

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Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (review of IEE and EIA) Regulations (2000)

EIA and IEE regulations for a new project

INTRODUCTION IEE: IEE stands for Initial environmental examinations. It is defined as a process that evaluates the environmental circumstances of a proposed plan involving the likely effects, preparation of mitigatory measures, and composing institutional obligations, and most importantly environmental surveillance. EIA: EIA stands for environmental impact assessment. It is defined as an evaluation of the […]

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Environment Discrimination and the Importance of Environmental Justice

environmental racism and environmental justice movement

INTRODUCTION WHAT IS ENVIRONMENTAL DISCRIMINATION? In between the years of 1970s and 1980s, there was a concept that emerged in the environmental justice movement in the United States. The concept is currently known as environmental discrimination/racism. Environmental discrimination highlights environmental injustice that has been practiced and integrated within the context of policies. Environmental discrimination shows […]

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Australia and Its Environmental and Climate Crisis

mass species extinction due to climate crisis in Australia

Ten years ago, the Australian report highlighted the actions the Government must take to prevent biodiversity loss. The imperiled species in Australia indicated that nearly 1807 species have been listed as threatened with extinction. Experts have recommended the rigorous implementation of National Environmental Standards. The Government of Australia must act now to protect species from […]

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