What is Urban Sprawl? – Causes, Effects and Solutions

What is Urban Sprawl? A characteristic of urbanization but often used interchangeably- urban sprawl. However, there is a certain distinction between the two. Urban Sprawl refers to the lowly populated areas in otherwise unpopulated regions/area outside an urban city. It is usually a fragmented extension of a larger, densely populated urban city or town- often […]

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Urban Heat Islands – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

urban heat island is warmer cities and hotter climate

INTRODUCTION Urban Heat Island: It is defined as the hotter or warmer cities/urban areas as compared to nearby rural areas. Anthropogenic activities are the reason for the urban heat island effect. Industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, and land-use changes are few examples. Urban Heat Island Effect: Urban Heat Island effect is more apparent during the winter and […]

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How Can We Make Our Cities Sustainable (An Eco-City)?

sustainable cities will have less environmental consequences.

INTRODUCTION Sustainability: In today’s era, it is defined as the capability of human civilization and Earth’s biosphere to occur together. It is also described as the capability of fulfilling the demands of the current time without constraining the capability of the upcoming generation to meet their demand in the future. Three Pillars of Sustainability: Sustainability […]

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Deforestation – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

deforestation triggers climate change

INTRODUCTION Deforestation: It is defined as permanently cutting trees and clearing forest areas for land use purposes. The cleared area is then used for housing schemes, industries, farms, etc. CAUSES OF DEFORESTATION The causes of deforestation are listed below. Also, check out deforestation in Pakistan. Logging for firewood: Trees are cut for firewood. Many people […]

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15 Environmental Problems Our World is Facing Right now

air pollution, water pollution global warming urbanization

Introduction Environmental Issues: Environmental issue or problem is defined as adverse impacts of anthropogenic activities on the physical and biological aspects of the environment. Natural Environment: Natural environment is our surroundings that consist of naturally occurring all living and nonliving things. Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities on the Ecosystem: Human activities are negatively affecting the environment […]

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Deforestation in Pakistan and Recent Afforestation Drives

deforestaion by natural calamities and human activities

Introduction Forestry: it is the field of science that includes a series of processes such as producing, protecting, conserving, utilizing, and managing woodlands and forests. It also includes repairing the forests for sustainable functions of the environment and ecosystems.  In forestry, trees are grown on a large scale preserving the land only for the forest […]

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Urbanization affects Microclimate of Abbottabad Pakistan

urbanization affecting environment of pakistan

Published Research outlined the effects of Urbanization on the Microclimate of Abbottabad Pakistan. Factors that contribute to environmental degradation were taken into consideration. The methodology of research employed techniques related to geographic information systems and remote sensing. Urbanization is causing degradation of the environment by increasing land surface temperature, depleting water sources, and decreasing vegetation. […]

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