What are sinkholes? Causes and Effects

sinkholes are known as cenote, sink-holes and formed due to natural and anthropogenic activities

INTRODUCTION Sinkholes are alternatively known as sink-hole, cenote, doline, swallow hole, or swallet. SINKHOLES Sinkholes or sink-holes are often defined as ground holes or depressions. The surface layer gets collapsed and forms a ground depression/hole. The size of sinkholes varies depending upon the causes of sinkholes. Check out: Anthropogenic Factors That Cause Species Decline TYPES […]

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Mangroves and their Destruction – Causes, Effects, and Conservation Techniques

INTRODUCTION Mangroves: Mangroves are dense forests consisting of small trees, shrubs that preferably grow nearby coastal areas specifically in brackish water or saline water. Tropical coastal vegetation is often regarded as mangroves due to similar species of plants. Mangrove forests are usually found in tropical and subtropical regions. MANGROVE BIODIVERSITY Mangrove forests support a variety […]

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Ozone Depletion – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

ozone layer deterioration is allowing harmful radiations to enter the earth surface

INTRODUCTION Ozone Layer: The ozone layer is also known as the ozone shield. It is the layer that is present in the stratosphere of Earth. The stratosphere region is concentrated with ozone that absorbs harmful radiations coming from the sun. Check out: Environmental Impacts of Ozone Depletion due to CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) Ozone hole: The ozone […]

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