What is Reforestation? What are the Methods and Importance?

What is Reforestation? Reforestation means replanting or attempting to regrow plants, trees and other flora on the land that was previously cleared to benefit humans for their activities such as cultivation, or for timber for furniture, logging for cabins and other purposes that require some use of wood and land. Now, Reforestation also happens when […]

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Impact of Human Activities on Margalla Hills National Park

Margalla hills of Pakistan attracts tourists from all around the world

INTRODUCTION MARGALLA HILLS NATIONAL PARK, PAKISTAN Margalla hills national park is connected to the foothills of the Himalayas. Margalla hills are covering an area of 12605 hectares. Margalla hills national park also includes Shakarparian and Rawal Lake. LOCATION OF MARGALLA HILLS NATIONAL PARK Margalla hills national park is located north of Islamabad. The capital of […]

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Littoral and Swamp Forest Ecosystem of Pakistan – Climatic Biome

mangrove forest of Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Littoral Forest: It is known as mangrove forest or tidal forest. This forest grows along marshy coasts and delta regions. Swamp Forest: This forest grows along the intertidal coastline and submerged with seawater. This forest is common near tropical zone. Another name is flooded forest. Littoral and Swamp Forest Ecosystem: This forest ecosystem is […]

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Coniferous (Taiga or Boreal) Forest of Pakistan – Climatic Biome

higher altitudes support boreal forest

INTRODUCTION Coniferous (Taiga or Boreal) Forest: It is defined as evergreen scale-leaved, cone-bearing, needle-leaved trees. It is present in locations where winters are longer. It receives precipitation in the form of snow. Coniferous (Taiga or Boreal) Forest Biome: Boreal biome usually consists of coniferous forests that include spruce, pine, and larches. Characteristics of Coniferous (Taiga […]

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Temperate Deciduous / Mixed forests of Pakistan – Climatic Biome

watershed to Tarbela and Mangla lakes

INTRODUCTION Temperate Deciduous / Mixed Forest: It is a biome that consists of deciduous tree species. These are broad-leaf forests with trees that drop their leaves in the autumn. Mixed Forest: It is a vegetation transition between dominant tree species of broad-leaved deciduous forest and coniferous forest. Temperate Deciduous and Mixed Forest Biome: It is […]

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SAPM Started Off 3 Interlinked Nature Parks in Chakwal

Special Assistant of Prime Minister on Climate Change started off three nature park

Malik Amin, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change started off three interlinked nature parks in Chakwal, Pakistan The three interlinked nature parks are covering an area of 18,000 acres in Ara, Parera, and Dil Jabba, Chakwal. This inauguration is part of projects launched by the Prime Minister specifically Protected Areas Initiatives. These […]

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