Why World Bank Gave Pakistan $120m for Green Stimulus project?

green stimulus project and world bank

INTRODUCTION The brunt of climate change is likely to be faced by developing and underdeveloped countries. Pakistan – a developing country – is one of the examples that stand in the most affected countries by climate change. The Government of Pakistan seems environmentally conscious and keeps introducing eco-friendly projects that would save the environment from […]

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50 New Forests in Lahore after Miyawaki Urban Forest

clean green pakistan including miyawaki urban forest project

Usman Buzdar Chief Minister of Punjab announced 50 new forests in Lahore Pakistan Miyawaki Urban Forest was initiated by the Government of Pakistan in January. Miyawaki Forest – a Japanese technique based method- releases more oxygen and grows faster. The Government of Pakistan is planning to implement this pilot project across Punjab.   Usman Buzdar, […]

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