List of Major and Minor Rivers of Pakistan With Description

Rivers of Pakistan Pakistan is a country blessed with numerous river systems. These rivers are a source of livelihood for the population of Pakistan as well as provide a rich ecosystem for biodiversity to thrive. In addition, Pakistan has one of the world’s largest and longest running irrigation systems in the world known as the […]

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The Problems and Effects of Plastic Debris in Rivers and Seas of South Asia

plastic pollution is affecting rivers and seas of south Asia

World Bank is financing a regional project named Free Rivers and Seas for South Asia. The regional project initiative aims to promote the South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme. Plastic pollution is causing the degradation of marine ecological systems as well as rivers. Lack of strategies regarding plastic waste management is a huge gap in dealing […]

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Can Rivers & Lakes be Saved from Environmental Degradation?

fish species are going extinct due to degradation of rivers and lakes

Environmental issues are degrading the freshwater ecosystem and fish species have become extinct Protected areas don’t protect rivers. Rivers should be protected first than land areas. The freshwater ecosystem provides habitat to 10% of all fish species including vertebrates. Millions of people have their livelihood associated with freshwater fish species that are vulnerable to extinction […]

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