Impact Of Nuclear Weapons On The Environment

Introduction: Nuclear Weapons and Warfare There is no doubt that Nuclear weapons used in military actions and warfare have no positive impact. Whether that be in terms of environment or humans in general. These result in widespread devastation, killing all wildlife and eradicating all vegetation for miles. They are even more negative effects of nuclear […]

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10 Major Environmental Disasters In The World

Environmental Disasters – What is meant by it? Environmental Disaster classifies anything that is due to the human activity that results in a great harm to the environment whose effects can be felt long after it has happened. These environmental disasters are usually accidental and are generally of the catastrophic scale. They differ from natural […]

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Disastrous Environmental Impacts of Radioactive Waste

hazardous radioactive waste

Introduction Radioactive: Radioactive is a term that includes particle emission as a form of energy. Radioactivity: This term is defined as the emission of ionizing radiations from a radioactive substance. Ionizing Radiations: The ionizing radiations are electromagnetic waves that have the capability to ionize atoms. Radionuclide: It is an unstable atom that undergoes radioactive decay […]

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Nuclear Waste Production and Management in Pakistan

hazardous nuclear waste is problem for human and environment

Introduction Pakistan joined the list of nuclear power countries in May 1998 after testing an atomic bomb and became the first Muslim country with nuclear power. Pakistan has five operating nuclear power plants that are supervised under the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, the nuclear agency of the Government, and the scientists. Currently, Pakistan owns a […]

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