Climate Change Impacts Human Health – Pandemics The Future?

climate change is affecting humans

INTRODUCTION Human-driven climate changes have played havoc on the residents of the Earth. Almost every month periods of extreme weather events are being observed around the globe. The current situation of the Earth is deliberately asking for strong actions but only formal conferences are held by developed countries. You may like to read How COP26 […]

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Marine Pollution – Its Risky Effects on Marine Life & Humans

marine pollution and its dangerous effects on human and marine life

Introduction Marine: This term includes anything related to sea or ocean. Marine Water: Marine water is salty water consisting of 97% of Earth’s water. Marine Pollution Marine pollution is defined as land pollutants being washed into the ocean. Land pollutants include the varied composition of trash, garbage, and chemicals being released into the ocean by […]

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Medical waste in Pakistan and Its Management

hazardous, infectious, radioactive and general medical waste

Introduction Medical waste is also known as biomedical waste or hospital waste. This type of waste consists of infectious and non-infectious material and it is either solid waste or liquid waste. Medical waste is different from general household waste unless it contains human blood, infected syringes, contaminated gloves, etc. Also check out: Improper Management of […]

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