How to Reduce Disastrous Impacts of Floods? – Mitigation Methods

Introduction: Climate Change and Increased bouts of Extreme Weather Events Climate Change has lead to an alarming increase in extreme weather events like tornadoes, cyclones, floods, GLOFs and cloudbursts to name a few. Extreme Weather Events are the result of atmospheric conditions on the extreme side of the weather. Although these cases of extreme weather […]

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Commodified Dead of South Punjab – Foreign Aid Amid Floods


South Punjab, the most deprived region since independence is once again under catastrophic circumstances. Prior, it was  neglected in domains of budget distributions, human developments and infrastructures but now the inhabitants of this region are facing monopolisation, exploitation and irrelevancy even after their deaths. The more the dead count is, the more it generates the […]

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Monsoon Season of Pakistan – Importance and Problems

INTRODUCTION: Monsoon season is a major weather system that brings a huge amount of rain (and thus freshwater) with itself. Monsoon winds carrying rainclouds enter Pakistan from east/north-east side and cause massive amounts of rainfall in north and northeastern regions of Pakistan. In Pakistan Monsoon season starts in July and lasts till September. Monsoon wind […]

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