What is Ecocide? Causes, Effects, and Solutions

destruction of the ecosystem

INTRODUCTION Anthropogenic activities are destroying the environment of the planet Earth. Check out:  Why Ecocide Should Be Made an International Crime? ECOCIDE This term is defined as the degradation and deterioration of the environment by humans to such an extent that its consequences are leading to biodiversity decline and health problems among humans. This concept […]

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What is Agroecology? Importance and Impact on Environment

agroecology is a sustainable farming

INTRODUCTION Agroecology is a term that can be evaluated in three different ways. It could be a scientific discipline, an agricultural practice, or a movement. Also check out: Hydroponics – The Future of Agriculture? AGROECOLOGY This term is defined as an applied science that focuses on ecological procedures related to methods of agriculture production. It […]

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Branches of Environmental Science – Interdisciplinary Field

various branches include ecology, geography, geology

INTRODUCTION Environmental Science This field of study is defined as an interdisciplinary academic field. It combines the scientific, chemical, biological and physical information of the environment and incorporates other cultural, political, and social aspects of the environment. In a nutshell, the natural process taking place on the Earth are studied while finding solutions to impacts […]

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