Antibiotics Found In Wastewater in Twin Cities

antibiotic resistant bacteria

Recent Research Publication has reported about the presence of antibiotics in wastewater in the Twin Cities of Pakistan. Five different antibiotics were detected, determined, and analyzed from wastewater samples collected from various sources. The methodology of the study included the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography technique for result evaluation. The contaminated wastewater with various concentrations of antibiotics […]

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Rawalpindi: Chlorine Resistant Bacteria in Water Filter Plants

water from filtration plants were contaminated with E. coli.

Recent research has reported the presence of chlorine-resistant bacteria in water filter plants based in Rawalpindi. The methodology of the study includes the collection and microbiological analysis of 107 water samples for evaluating the anticipated results. Waterborne diseases are proven fatal and directly transmitted to humans through drinking water consumption. It is recommended that drinking […]

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The Three Stages of Waste Water Treatment

primary, secondary and tertiary treatment steps.

 INTRODUCTION Wastewater: This term is defined as contaminated water caused by human activities. The wastewater is contaminated with water pollutants. Wastewater results from industrial, domestic, agricultural, or commercial activities, runoff, sewer inflow, etc. To know more about water pollution, read the following article: Water pollution– Sources, Effects, and Control and Sources and Effects of Common Water […]

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