Types Of Soils In Pakistan And Their Location And Properties

types of soil in Pakistan include loamy, sandy, silty, and calcareous

INTRODUCTION Soil: It is defined as an upper layer of the earth covered with material comprising of water, gas, microorganisms minerals, and organic matter. Living organisms living in soil are termed soil biota. Soil Classification: Soil is a dynamic ecosystem that keeps on changing with time. Climate change shows its effect on the soil. Check […]

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Waterlogging and Salinity in Pakistan

Indus River Basin has waterlogged and saline land

INTRODUCTION Waterlogging and salinity are among the major issues Pakistan is facing since irrigation development in Indus River Basin. There are various methods being adopted in Sindh and Punjab to deal with these issues including excess irrigation that leads to leaching of salts, utilizing physical and biological methods including chemical amendments, and establishing tube wells […]

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Condition and Effects of Soil Health in Pakistan

soil salinity, water logging less productive soil

Introduction Soil Health: It is defined as the capability of soil within the ecosystem to act as an essential living system that encourages sustainable growth of microbial flora, animals, and plants and improves the environmental conditions of air and water. Soil health plays an important role in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. To know […]

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