Waterlogging and Salinity in Pakistan

Indus River Basin has waterlogged and saline land

INTRODUCTION Waterlogging and salinity are among the major issues Pakistan is facing since irrigation development in Indus River Basin. There are various methods being adopted in Sindh and Punjab to deal with these issues including excess irrigation that leads to leaching of salts, utilizing physical and biological methods including chemical amendments, and establishing tube wells […]

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Waterlogging – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

excess water that hinder irrigation is waterlogging

INTRODUCTION Waterlogging: It is defined as water-saturated soil commonly known as waterlogged. The waterlogging conditions are further described as an excessive amount of water present in the soil that restricts airflow/gaseous exchange into it and results in an anaerobic situation. Also check out another related topic: Salinity – Types, Causes, Effects, and Solutions CAUSES OF […]

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Hydroponics – The Future of Agriculture?

aeroponic, DWC. run to waste

Introduction Hydroponics: It is a technique of growing crops or plants without soil by utilizing an aqueous solution and substrate. Hydroponic Culture:  In hydroponic culture, the plants, vegetables, and flowers are planted in the substratum and provided with oxygen and nutrient-rich aqueous solution. The key benefit of following hydroponic culture is it produces good quality […]

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The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Pakistan

drought less yields extreme weather events

Introduction The underdeveloped nations are facing the consequences of climate changes due to two reasons, which are resource scarcity and unsustainable adaptive capacity. Pakistan is also a developing nation and so it is experiencing impacts of climate change at every level. Extreme weather events are occurring in Pakistan frequently now. Pakistan is an agricultural country […]

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