Impact of Gemstone Mining and Illegal Trade from Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is naturally blessed with numerous natural resources in which precious minerals are also included. Check out: Impact of Human Activities on Margalla Hills National Park WHAT ARE GEMSTONES? A gemstone is also known as precious/semiprecious or rare stone, jewel, fine gem, or simply a gem. Gemstones are defined as rare minerals or precious […]

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Illegal Wildlife Trade in Pakistan – Threat to Endangered Species

illegal wildlife trade is causing economic losses in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION WILDLIFE TRADE This term is defined as the trade of products that are derived from wildlife that includes body parts of animals such as meat, bones, skins, etc. Living and dead animals are also traded internationally. The traded wild plant species are then grown in a controlled environment. ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE Illegal wildlife trade […]

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Introduction of Invasive Species – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

insects are common invasive species.

INTRODUCTION Invasive species: Invasive species are also known as non-native species, exotic species, or most importantly alien species. It is defined as an introduced species. Introduction of Invasive species: The exotic species are introduced in a particular location that has adverse impacts on the new environment. The exotic species have some advantages but their effects […]

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