Overfishing and Fish Stock Depletion – Causes, Effects, Solutions

over fishing and fish stock depletion is threatening fish diversity and population

INTRODUCTION Overfishing: This term is defined as catching or removing fish species from oceans, lakes, rivers, or any marine ecosystem at a rate that threatens the diversity of fishes. The fish species cannot replenish over a specified time span due to overfishing and the fish population ultimately decreases. Fish Stock Depletion: This is defined as […]

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Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fish from Karachi Coast

fish species can be used as bio-monitoring of polluted area

  Recent research has reported bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fish from Karachi Coast and Rivers. Heavy Metals are being utilized in the manufacturing process of various products used at the household and commercial levels. The sources of heavy metals bioaccumulation in fish include domestic waste, industrial effluents, agriculture runoff, etc. Certain fish species along […]

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Environmental Laws/Legislation in Pakistan and The Need for New Ones

Pakistan needs new environmental laws/legislation

INTRODUCTION Environmental Law: Environmental law is a vast field that encompasses regulations, directives, policies, principles, and laws that are specifically designed and implemented by international, national, and local authoritative entities. The term is defined as laws that are formulated by humans in order to protect and regulate the environment from environmental degradation caused by human […]

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