Environmental Impact Of Food -From Production to Consumption

Food and Environment – Their Relation: Food– something no living being can survive without. However, it is often overlooked as how one of the most crucial component of our lives can also be responsible for contributing to the worsening environment and ultimately to climate change. Food requires, growing, processing, transporting, trading and preparing before it […]

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Environmental Impacts of E-cigarettes and Vapes

● What are E-cigarettes? What are Vapes? What are they made of? • E-cigarettes: electronic cigarettes are the alternative to normal cigarettes. They are composed of a liquid consisting of the following components- nicotine, flavoring chemicals, VOCs, formaldehyde and other additives. Instead of fire, a battery is used to heat up the liquid and an […]

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Impact of Marine Species Harvesting Industry on Environment

Introduction: Marine Species and Harvesting Marine species refers to those organisms- plants, animals and other microorganisms that live in seas and oceans such as eels, jellyfish, sea stars, sharks etc. Marine harvesting refers to any activity concerning extraction of organisms and resources found in seas or oceans. Collectively, the harvesting industry can be called as […]

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Environmental Impact of Ship Breaking Industry in Pakistan

ship breaking, ship demolishing, ship dismantling Gadani Pakistan

INTRODUCTION South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are known for ship-breaking industries. These countries meet their need for iron through breaking ships and recovering essential parts or recycling metals parts. Check out Deep Sea Mining and Its Negative Effects on the Environment WHAT IS MEANT BY SHIP-BREAKING? Ship-breaking has other names that include […]

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Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Environment

heavy metals pollution contaminates air water and soil

INTRODUCTION Heavy metals are chemical elements that are toxic in nature even in smaller concentrations and some are often categorized as carcinogenic. WHAT ARE HEAVY METALS? Heavy metals are usually described as elements with higher atomic mass, densities, or atomic numbers. EXAMPLES OF HEAVY METALS The common examples of heavy metals are lead (Pb), thallium […]

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Environmental Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution in Pakistan

heavy metal pollution in Pakistan is causing groundwater pollution

INTRODUCTION Heavy metals are trace elements that are naturally present in the Earth’s crust. Exposure to heavy metals is lethal depends on the concentration level of these pollutants. These high-density elements are toxic in nature and can lead to cancer in humans. They are persistent and are not degraded or decayed in the environment that […]

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