What is E-Waste or Electronic Waste? – Sources and Impacts

What Is Meant By Electronic Waste? Also known as E-waste, electronic waste is the waste generated from electronic appliances when they are disposed off or discarded as waste. It includes the various internal circuit boards, silicon chips etc., that can potentially be reused or recycled. Electronic Waste further involves all sort of various different equipment […]

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Cryptocurrency Mining and Its Negative Impact on Environment

digital currency mining is producing e-waste

INTRODUCTION CRYPTOCURRENCY Cryptocurrency is also known as crypto or crypto-currency. It is a form of digital currency. The key purpose of cryptocurrency is to provide a medium of exchange with secured cryptography in trading. The record of online transactions, verification of coin ownership, and transfer related to individual coin ownership are saved in the ledger […]

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E-Waste and Its Impact on the Environment

e-waste accumulation cause environmental effects

Introduction E-waste is the term given to waste that is generated from electronics. It is the discarded waste of used digital devices or electrical items that can no longer serve technical functions. The current era is revolving around information technology-based systems and items. It’s almost impossible to go out anywhere without a cell phone. Currently, […]

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