Green Tech: Using CO2 From Air To Produce Useful Products

many products are being made from co2

INTRODUCTION The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keeps on increasing because of nonstop anthropogenic activities including fossil fuel combustion, mining, agricultural activities, etc. The corporate body is not likely to be held responsible for its greed and environmental degradation. This framework is clearly depicting that the developing and underdeveloped countries will continue bearing […]

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All You Need To Know About Carbon Footprint And Its Importance

carbon foot print is causing global warming

INTRODUCTION We all must understand the concept of Carbon footprint and how we are contributing to it. WHAT IS CARBON FOOTPRINT? This term is defined as the whole amount of greenhouse gases that are being released into the environment. Greenhouse gases include methane and carbon dioxide. Also check out: What is Greenwashing? – Types and […]

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How is Pakistan benefiting from Carbon Credits?

billion tree tsunami project will create carbon credit for Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan’s contribution to global climate change is less than 1 percentage; however, Pakistan is among the top listed countries that are most vulnerable to climate change. The government of Pakistan is putting efforts to tackle climate change without any international assistance. The example includes billion tree tsunami projects. CARBON CREDIT A carbon credit is […]

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