Lack of Climate Change Research in Pakistan – Need and Importance

Introduction: Climate Change Research and Pakistan Although Pakistan emits less than 1 percent of the global emissions of green house gases but has suffered immensely due to climate change. Even future projections tell us of increasingly dire consequences for Pakistan. It is not fair that Pakistan has to bear the brunt of climate change and […]

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Reasons Why Netherlands is World’s 2nd Largest Food Exporter

INTRODUCTION Netherlands has became the 2nd largest food producer on Earth with respect to sustainable agriculture.  The industry of Netherlands is mainly centered on the production of the food, petroleum and chemical, electrical machinery. Netherlands has the 6th largest economy in the European Union mainly because of good industrial relations, continuously high trade surplus and […]

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Weather Impacts Number of COVID-19 Cases In Pakistan – Research

increasing temperature has resulted in rising COVID-19 cases in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION The start of the pandemic COVID-19 created panic all around the world. Due to imposed lockdown, people blindly bought essential food items and other necessary things that resulted in increased demand for commodities. Everyone was unaware of the future situation because the number of COVID-19 cases was rising at great speed. The number of […]

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